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FLORA AND SON Is A Beautifully Sincere Treat From John Carney

John Carney’s Flora and Son, the follow-up to his 2016 film Sing Street, is an utter delight. It follows young, single mother Flora (Eve Hewson) on her journey to course correct, and ultimately, connect with, her son Max (Orén Kinlan). Now, what this film appears to be versus what it actually is are two very […]

TRIBECA 2022 | VENGEANCE Is B.J. Novak Tackling Every Facet of Online Culture

B.J. Novak has always been known for his sharp writing. As one of the original writers on The Office, his all-time role as Ryan Howard needs no further introduction. After creating his own show The Premise, writing a New York Times best-selling children’s book (The Book with No Pictures) and directing a handful of television […]

The Timeless Joy & Beauty of PLAYTIME

What makes Jacques Tati’s Playtime so enduring? To put it bluntly, Tati’s masterpiece breaks down the very essence of cinema. The elements present in this film make use of the very building blocks of the medium. The two work in tandem to bring audiences one of the most wonderful cinematic experiences they’re likely to ever […]

BOTTOMS Is Emma Seligman’s Wild Follow-Up to SHIVA BABY

Shiva Baby is, without question, one of the best debut films ever. Emma Seligman’s 2020 film is brilliantly funny, wonderfully constructed, and shines just as brightly upon rewatches. So it’s no surprise that in the three years since its release, audiences have impatiently been waiting for her follow-up. Whatever she decided to tackle next was […]

TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | Tierra Whack Is Still As Cool As Ever in CYPHER

One should go into Chris Moukarbel’s Cypher as blindly as possible, so I will be brief. That being said, it’s too interesting of a film to not write something about. Tierra Whack is such a fascinating and creative individual. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a documentary depicting her rise and subsequent career in music takes […]