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TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | Tierra Whack Is Still As Cool As Ever in CYPHER

One should go into Chris Moukarbel’s Cypher as blindly as possible, so I will be brief. That being said, it’s too interesting of a film to not write something about. Tierra Whack is such a fascinating and creative individual. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a documentary depicting her rise and subsequent career in music takes […]

TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | CHASING CHASING AMY Beautifully Examines A 90’s Film With Honesty

Even as a longtime admirer of Kevin Smith, it wasn’t until later in life that it all clicked into place as to why I adored the New Jersey auteur so much. To put it simply, he was a filmmaker whose passion for cinema and filmmaking bled through the screen. From his often-memed tweets and his […]

TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | LOST SOULZ Reveals Both Sides Of Fame

If there is anything that can be said for certain about Katherine Propper’s debut feature, Lost Soulz, it’s that this is a film distinctly made in an era post-Brockhampton. I must clarify: there’s no correlation between the music made by the now-defunct band and the group of musicians in the film. Nevertheless, the possibilities presented […]