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TRIBECA 2022 | VENGEANCE Is B.J. Novak Tackling Every Facet of Online Culture

B.J. Novak has always been known for his sharp writing. As one of the original writers on The Office, his all-time role as Ryan Howard needs no further introduction. After creating his own show The Premise, writing a New York Times best-selling children’s book (The Book with No Pictures) and directing a handful of television […]

TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | Tierra Whack Is Still As Cool As Ever in CYPHER

One should go into Chris Moukarbel’s Cypher as blindly as possible, so I will be brief. That being said, it’s too interesting of a film to not write something about. Tierra Whack is such a fascinating and creative individual. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a documentary depicting her rise and subsequent career in music takes […]

TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | CHASING CHASING AMY Beautifully Examines A 90’s Film With Honesty

Even as a longtime admirer of Kevin Smith, it wasn’t until later in life that it all clicked into place as to why I adored the New Jersey auteur so much. To put it simply, he was a filmmaker whose passion for cinema and filmmaking bled through the screen. From his often-memed tweets and his […]

TRIBECA 2023 Movie Review | LOST SOULZ Reveals Both Sides Of Fame

If there is anything that can be said for certain about Katherine Propper’s debut feature, Lost Soulz, it’s that this is a film distinctly made in an era post-Brockhampton. I must clarify: there’s no correlation between the music made by the now-defunct band and the group of musicians in the film. Nevertheless, the possibilities presented […]

TRIBECA 2022 Interview | Oren Soffer Talks Filmmaking in New York and His Use of Lighting

Oren Soffer has just finished shooting True Love, an upcoming sci-fi thriller directed by Gareth Edwards, with Oscar-winning cinematographer Greig Fraser, but currently he is celebrating the Tribeca 2022 world premiere of a feature film, Allswell, and two short films, The Letter Men and Fraud. Given the chance to speak with him about all three […]

TRIBECA 2022 | THREE HEADED BEAST Tackles The Importance of Open Communication

The brilliance of Three Headed Beast will fully reveal its brilliance at varying points in time to different audience members. But make no mistake, one way or another, this film will announce its presence to a room in a way that has nearly left me speechless. This film extends itself far beyond a great debut, […]