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BHFF 2022 – Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead Talk Stephen King, Aliens, And The Beauty of Filmmaking

With their fifth independent feature film, Something In The Dirt, hitting theaters on November 4th, Alex got the chance to sit down with creative duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Over the course of our conversation, we discussed the fun of Stephen King novels, their favorite theories about UFO’s, the importance of curiosity and self-journalism, […]

BHFF 2022 – SOMETHING IN THE DIRT Invokes and Encourages Curiosity At Every Turn

The filmmaking duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have had one hell of a run over the past decade. After lending their creativity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the pair has returned to their indie roots and have just released their fifth feature film, Something in the Dirt. To try and pigeonhole this film […]

BHFF 2022 – Thomas Matthews’ GHOSTWRITTEN Examines Ghost Stories, Faust And Being Forgotten

Ghostwritten is a film written and directed by Thomas Matthews. His first dive into genre filmmaking is one that excels in the mysterious elements it crafts, with confident direction and stylistic flair. Our conversation was a fascinating one, touching on everything from Faustian tales and writer’s block to monster movies. Check it out below, and […]

BHFF 2022 – Alex Phillips Talks The Wet, Emotional Nature of ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS

All Jacked Up And Full of Worms is bound to be one of the most insane films you will see all year. When given the chance to discuss some of the lunacy within with the writer/director Alex Phillips, we jumped at the opportunity. Within the conversation below, we dive into how to get a cast […]

BHFF 2022 – V/H/S/99: A Fun, Reverential Look Back To A Bygone Era

As Halloween season is upon us and horror fans everywhere are already in the full swing of celebrations, V/H/S/99 has made its way into the world. Taking place alongside the then-rapidly approaching new millennium, this fifth entry in the V/H/S franchise is all about horror, reverential love for the late-90’s, and having a ton of […]

BHFF 2022: INFLUENCER Focuses On The Scary Loneliness of Social Media

While social media is a relatively new creation in the grand scheme of modern technology, it has already fundamentally changed many of its users’ lives. It’s no secret that many people will save nothing but the very best for their followers. Regardless of whatever an individual may be going through internally, social media is a […]